My Story

My name is Suzaan. My family calls me ‘Zaan’ and I am so passionate about all things Artisan, thus voila the name Artizaan! 😊


Picasso said that he once knew how to draw like Raphael, but that it took him his whole life to learn how to draw like a child. I love that idea because it captures the way I approach food just perfectly. ​

My story begins in Mossel Bay, South Africa where as a teenage girl I apparently, according to friends had a talent with jam sandwiches and tuna noodle salads. 


I lost my mother when I was very young,  and even though I’ve been told that she was an amazing cook, one of my biggest regrets is that I don’t remember her cooking, which probably accounts for my restless soul. But I believe her legend follows me as I pursue my passion for flavors and food from all over the world.

My journey took me to the French Riviera in 2007, where I worked on a luxury yacht. The magical ingredients and romantic setting completely captured the dream I had been chasing since childhood. The experience led me to enroll at the prestigious Warwick’s chef school in 2008 – a city and guilds cooking school in South Africa’s Western Cape province.

In the years that followed, I adopted an extensive repertoire of styles and flavors through my travels – as well as a sound knowledge of various dietary preferences. I also got married somewhere in between to a wonderful and very grounded (unlike me) man. Bless his soul for keeping up with my gypsy habits!

I’ve come to believe that when we respect the ingredients we work with – letting the seasons guide us and using simple techniques to enhance every flavor through careful pairing and preparation – we create an unforgettable taste experience.


And so my journey has brought me back to this magical coastal town. Today, when I’m testing recipes at home or prepping for an occasion, I imagine I’m in a quaint French kitchen where earthy fragrances fume the air and French café music from an old wireless croon away in the background. Food is without a doubt my lifelong love affair.


I wish to now share this love and passion for healthy, wholesome food with you.


Bon appetit!!


Suzaan x